Heron Full Music Review

The minimalist methodology contained on this album holds a considerable amount of bravura as it conveys an aggressive tone contrasted with the atmospheric MPC sampling texture distributed effortlessly throughout the musical continuum. This elegance displays the innate creative nature of Heron as he sticks to his guns in terms of producing bangers while ingraining authenticity within every phase– In other words, he is pound-for-pound an unrivaled producer that is concerned with the carnal constituencies through his signature sound rather than the fancy unnecessary outliers that others competing producers falter behind. Heron serves as a source of perfection for lyrically swift MCs who need some breathing room and inspiration within potential instrumentals to display their rhyme skills while providing superior industry standard beats. This album infuses the novelty aspects of production with a testament of golden age music representing a novice attribution to the overall distribution that becomes more apparent as the compositions progress further. The saturated percussive elements surface the subatomic bass swells that rigidly carve out the low end of the songs making substantial room for the other portions with a sense of lucid clarity.  The gritty synth notes contain a sharp-witted edge that holds significant vibrato shape shifting to the compositions’ surface impeding in a volcanic frequency explosion of relentless proportions. The plate reverbs slapped onto the mix provides an extremely wide sound that swells up the single with resilience and unique perspective. The ambient aspects of the album puts these all embodying inclusive tracks into a psychedelic notion that is integral to the abstract components of Heron’s intrinsic identity as a pioneering producer in the modern age of rap. Heron provides the necessary tools to relinquish a prominent name throughout the hip hop community and push its progression into unreached pinnacles of timeless music – Heron is merely prequel to the prophetic future of hip hop.