Shifty Eyes - Keep Your Head + Biography

Music Video:

Shifty Eyes brings to the table a strong essence of cognizant rap music to the forefront of the industry border for hip hop heads across the US and elsewhere. I was particularly impressed with the overall message of the music focusing on positivity through life’s hardships - the motivation to maximize our potential regardless of the hands we were dealt. The production on his newest single “Keep Your Head” infused with immaculate lyrical performances created a great contrast in energy variations that completely colored the single in an inspirational shade. Production creates the foundation of the song and I really think that this artist understands the importance of this notion when songwriting to a meaningful beat. Not only are Shifty Eye’s lyrics on-point, the flows are tight and sharp with fluxes between hard hitting lyrics and gyrating cadences. The fluctuations from hardcore rap to mainstream vibes was apparent and made for an interesting dynamic throughout the single that I felt was appealing to true hip-hop fans.

If you want to hear mindful music that is pushing this rap game in the right direction.

Don’t sleep on this track or Shifty Eyes and his team of talented musicians/artists!

Artist Bio

Shifty Eyes is an immaculate dynamic lyricist who is shaking up the hip-hop scene in Alberta, Canada. He utilizes calculated presence to envelop freestyle bars on top of pristine instrumentals in live time which is the most challenging art form in hip-hop. As an independent artist, Shifty Eyes has developed a prominent footprint on his stomping grounds and is ready to magnify on an international podium. Shifty Eyes partook in some severe tribulations growing up in a state of confusion after being adopted – abandoned by his creators by bandaging the pain through drugs in which he developed a solemn and unfortunate dependency on.  Compulsive addiction almost took his life away at a certain point from a fatal overdose. This was a wake up call to focus heavily on his gift of being a musician and tailor all that negative energy into motivation to create great songs. After his tour across America – his brand has considerably caught traction amongst the most respected hip-hop community members and local bodies. Shifty Eyes opened up for platinum selling artists at some of the toughest venues throughout America to perform and has carved out a specified niche that his team is ready to expand upon. Shifty Eyes ultimate goal is to bring value to the hip-hop genre through positivity and inspire listeners through his poetic wordplay/storytelling. We now live in the most advanced time in human history with the advent of the internet and other communicative tools – Shifty Eyes has utilized innovative marketing to personally reach out to his fans and plays many roles in making sure his message gets out to people his music could potentially service. Another impressive element that Shifty Eyes possesses is his ability to mix/master his own music to a studio standard that is sometimes untapped by most independent labels and artists- He took a mentorship responsibility to top producers in the rap game that significantly tightened up his engineering skills to full effect on his album’s overall sound, fluctuating energy and emotive execution. Shifty Eyes is a perfectionist in this regard and understands that every knob and tweak matters in producing great content for the highest expectations he reserves for himself. Shifty Eyes passion for music is inexplicable and his vibrancy in the studio is contagious through countless testimonials of artists working who have worked with him. His newest mixtape “ A New Day” pinpoints his extraordinary skillset as a rapper in today’s game where most are phased out by commonalities without any clear distinctions of differentiating qualities. His sound is novel and authentic which is really what art really prides itself on – bringing significance to the genus rather than revoking it for personal advancement.  He is now the father of 3 children and wants to be a positive role model for his family most importantly to provide inspiration to aspiring musicians.