Haute Rod Condo Dreams

Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNN2r_tsiTg

Check out Haute Rod’s newest single “Condo Dreams” which encapsulates the lavish lifestyle of rappers striving to meet the demands of the pinnacle level. This is a prequel to his latest EP that is set to be promoted shortly after and is projected to have high expectations after the success of this initial single release. Condo Dreams caters to the visionary mindset of immense focus towards musical success while embracing setbacks, struggles, trials and tribulations. Haute Rod plays a modest role encouraging other artists to reach their true potential and reevaluate the way we prioritize our lives in the material world, instead of the other way around. The oscillation of woodwinds gives this track a rich man’s vibe as it remains fluid throughout the course of the song’s duration. The featured vocals on “Condo Dreams” provide a boomy gateway into the innovate and artistic mind of Haute Rod. The poeticism on this single shifts in tactic through heavily anticipated choral vocal performances mixed in with the subtler rap tones.  The jazzy feel of the brass sections on the song adds a grimy texture to the tone and emotive quality that is simply unprecedented. The engineering on this single cannot be discounted as Gehringer provides top notch Grammy-esque hyperboles that push this independent joint over the edge in terms of industry quality. The panning positions and automation on the beat moves seamlessly on the instrumental opening up the mix for sharp lively lyrical slaughter.  The drum breaks are snappy and keep each rapper in line in accordance to the tempo of the song with wiggle room to maneuver their rap rhyme faculties and incalculable precision. The witty metaphors, alliteration and complex rhyme schemes really surface on Condo Dreams in particular with a unique elegance that fits together like a winding puzzle. The arpeggiated flute instruments meshed with the extravagant piano chord progressions serve as a 1-2 punch of orchestral companionship. The short delay FX on the instrumentals establish wideness and cohesion on every portion of the track that makes for interesting stereo imaging. It is strongly urged for the audience to listen to Condo Dreams through headphones to take in the carefully calculated constituencies that are deeply embedded into this single’s infrastructure. The hybrid abilities of Haute Rod and his team are impeccable due to their talents to change flow patterns and approaches to the variability of the single. This is rare in today’s rap game where everyone comes with one predictable style and mimics “copy/paste artists” with no attempt at authenticity. Condo Dreams is simply a well-crafted and warmhearted execution of a new song that reverts hip hop back to the pride in which the golden age thrived in the 90s. Meanwhile, it holds its own weight in terms of creative modernity that pays homage to vintage styles of hip hop while creating something that raises the bar extensively. In other words, this is a tremendous Segway into the release of the EP following soon that will be a great indicator of the success of this lyrical visionary– Condo Dreams is merely a cliffhanger to keep the conversation going in terms of top music industry talent on the independent level making a pipe dream come into fruition.


Haute Rod is an extremely talented rap artist hailing from Baltimore, Maryland who has become deeply involved in restoring pride back into the rugged city by aspiring towards a top tier position in the music industry. He grew up in the Lafayette housing projects at a time where the locale was ridden with crime, drugs, violence and substantial poverty. At a very young age, Haute Rod was encouraged to take up music as he believed it would significantly resonate his exceptional inner talents that are deeply embedded in his familial ties. Later in life, Haute Rod was persuaded by the street life mentality and his imaginings took a back seat to the immediate profits gains rather than spiritual songwriting he would later fall accustom to. His methodology of audio engineering took the quality of his music to another level giving him a distinct advantage over aspiring independent artists with top notch quality through the use of industry moguls like Chris Behringer. This was no easy feat, the process of learning the vernacular of audio engineering, mechanisms and software took a significant amount of time to master with diligence. His obsession did not stop with audio but expanded into every facet of the rap industry that could play an integral part of his music success including filmography, live performances, marketing etc. Haute Rod’s ability to be completely self-sufficient in every aspect of his music has set him apart from others and derives a sense of authenticity that is not diluted by executives with diverging interests and incentives. This gives him free range to really deliver on important messages and stories that would otherwise be diluted through a record label’s songwriting process.  This illustrates Haute Rod’s fortitude and diligence in the entertainment industry while hustling to create an uncontended rap dynasty. He primarily focuses on providing a better future for his son and this is apparent in his music as he puts in the extra legwork to create timeless music with that added ounce of passion and vigor that transcends the recording studio.  The homage he pays to rap legends is apparent in his music and there is a mutual respect in the underground hip hop rap scene that cannot be ignored. These have been monumental experiences in crafting both his live performance approach and contemporary rap sound. Haute Rod continues to push the realm of possibilities in music where his passion resides and inspire other independent rap artists to explore other aspects of the entertainment industry to discover their true north.