ChrisDaCEO The Boss With No Morals


ChrisDaCEO integrates many faculties within the intricate music industry and possesses substantial talents of epic proportions when it comes to his versatility pertaining to ingenious musical innovation. This entire LP was self-produced and providentially holds substantial weight even amongst the top hip tier producers in the contemporary rap genre. ChrisDaCEO modernizes on an exponential level coupled with instrumentation skills that go beyond the average hybrid musician as he challenges the mainstream. His musicianship regarding both mutually exclusive categories of hip hop & rap set the foundation for raw talent that is untapped in this competitive category. The production of the songs in particular are immaculate in conception with the overall fullness and power of vocals resonating effortlessly as ChrisDaCEO enhances the vibrancy of the compositions. The pristine engineering cannot be discounted as it plays a vital role in bringing life to the mixes themselves.  The flagellated FX coupled with the stereo imaging and delay patterns make for an interesting and pioneering dynamic. The equalization and compression were done professionally establishing a sense of uniformity that is congruent to the artist’s signature style. The lyricism supplies carefully orchestrated rhyme schemes, interesting metaphors, harmonic serenity and overall professionalism. The vintage elegance of ChrisDaCEO’S music sets an endearing reminiscence of boundless regularities that has been altered to appeal to an ever-changing musical audience. His vibrant ability to oscillate between witty unpredictable verses is very rare of musicians to be ambidextrous in musical talents. The supplemental features add exciting nuances to the collective sound as well including unprecedented.  The lavish vocals on the tracks set the foundation as an additional apparatus in the assortment that holds the bedrock of the LP’s infrastructure intact. I would argue there is an element of emotional execution to his style that has a retroactive essence embedded in his music that is congruent to the collective authentic story. The rhythmic style of musicianship meshed within the improvisation performance artisan is extremely apparent giving a conscious feel dispersed within the boomy bass slaps, syncopated percussive elements, ambient synthesized instruments, vinyl sampling and original vocals. Inventiveness is an important constituent in music that ChrisDaCEO expounds upon in his revolutionary production philosophies that has been lost in the art of over planning. The synchronizations of the melodies supporting the primary chord progressions layer an interlocked intransient sound that really fulfills the holistic approach of the album. ChrisDaCEO harnesses a wide subset of structural approaches that alter between minor and major chords tapping into the poignant abilities of his music. In summation, ChrisDaCEO’s music is timeless in a sense that appeals to all generations and there is enough music in each subset that can appeal to a versatility of distinctive music loving fans!

Track Listing


Comment Creepin’ (Ft. Wiz Khalifa)

This was the perfect kick off track for the entire LP that reinforces a considerable amount of energy with 808s that will be sure to knock out your stereo deck. The reversed samples establish an interesting conceptualization to the hard hitting bars on top of the gritty breaks enamored with saturation.


Black Tinted (Ft. Misa)

The celestial choir gives this song a divine emotive quality that cannot be ignored countered with street bars to fatten up the sound with an extensive amount of harmonics mechanisms. The vacillations of frequencies are  noteworthy pieces of exertion that covers the entire spectrum with immaculate precision and assertiveness.


Back Then

This is a tormented textural composition that contains an essence of eeriness over the siren like synthesizers that is simplistic in execution but complicated in implementation. The horrorcore bars provide a petrifying cloak of syllables that astonishes the rap audience into another anguished mindset of ChrisDaCEO’s pioneering mind.



The swift rap cadences are unmatched in an overrun music industry as ChrisDaCEO throws around words with ease at a highly proficient level of rap distribution. The tempo fluctuations oscillate throughout the song without this MC losing a step and his voice acting as a supplemental instrument to the overall mix itself.



Killland (Ft. EC Marv)

This song possesses a ballad piano with a funeral like bell with an over processed lick that moves in a continual devilish pendulatic circle. The kicks are hard on this composition acting as a subatomic bomb in relation to other elusive instruments - EC Marv also packs a 1-2 punch of dynamic lyricism that heightens the bar of each rapper on the track listing through friendly competition.


Can’t Take This From Me

The wispy ambience of this single effectively resonates in every constituency of the mix while the boomy vocals are delivered in a soprano-like approach to a very convoluted beat. The subtle phasing effects through the auto tune was not meant to make the artist’s voice better or more pronounced – Rather, it was to establish a fascinating engineering component that surfaces melodic innovation.



The heavily distorted sine wave synthesizers on this track coupled with a west coast chord progression certifies “Nobody” as an elite production on this album amongst highly contested rivalry. The interchangeability from harmonic singing to rugged rap bars is something that is uncommon in contemporary music and further reinforces this artist’s status as a top - up and coming hip hop panorama.


One Nation

The syncopated rhyme schemes executed on this song are distributed in 16th note measures that cannot be replicated by an average rapper  as it takes years of continuous work with the aid of  some sort of natural ability. The epic choral soundscapes on this single give it both an optimistic and cynical arrangement that pulls on the yin/yang energy of the entire LP.


Murder Scene

This track has bell-like scores that resonats out in front of the song with a murderous flows and frightening philosophies. The bass comes into power again and remains congruent to the overall mix setting the foundation of shifty rap rhymes peppered over top of this dark and filthy delivery.



Rap Slaughter

This song pays homage to old school beat machines with overhead percussive sounds with a minimalist approach that is purposefully put forth in order to display the rappers’ skill set without being over shadowed by extravagant production qualities. The swing like motion of the breaks gives it an interesting movement that each rapper knocks out of the park.


Marco Polo

The warped arpeggiated strings on Marco Polo establish a fascinating sound that gives the single a twangy vibe and an acoustically non manufactured essence to the song. The subtle woodwinds in the background mesh all the aspects of the song together in order to provide support to the heavy-handed rap flows that resonate underneath.


Don Juan

This is a gangster chant to all the street poets trying to make a pipe dream a reality. The hedonistic lyricism takes over these MCs lifestyles through their lyrical delivery while pushing authenticity in a dying rap genre. The gloomy punchlines cannot be discounted as well while they serve as the intrinsic metaphorical spirit that encapsulates the album.


B.B. Captain (Ft. King Quawn & J.E. Da Werido)

The criminal charisma and overall attitude on this track is a common theme through that holds substantial weight in its concluding tracks. This is definitely another certified banger that issues a hardcore hip hop experience for the listener as well. The production comes in grim and remorseful while showcasing a new wave of intricate rap artists that are throwing literal shade on candy hip hop.



The flanging instruments on Ferragamo utilize frequency shifts midway through the sampled loop and reverse succinctly with the tempo of the composition while staying interconnected. The deafening pounding of the album resonates a gravel pit ensemble of orchestration that speaks highly of the album’s conscious magnitude.


No Morals and Need it

These are two bonus tracks that provide extra content for music heads that cannot get enough ChrisDaCEO’s music. These keep the album consistent and leaves the LP off with no stone left unturned towards the raw production throughout the LP’s infrastructure .The vocals possess the same power and fortitude without letting up maintaining an excellent finish and opening a dialogue to a sequel to complement this timeless piece of music.