Two Short Reads About Innovation


There is an uncanny correlation between travel and creativity that can tap into your inner-most innovative mindset. Traveling pushes you out of your comfort zone and teaches one how to be resourceful in complex situations. There are embedded subtleties in travel that we cognitively digest subconsciously that can influence creativity as well. Most people are confined to their own realities with a limited amount of experience – Travel gives you confidence in your inner voice to make decisions, take action, and challenges the status quo of limitations involuntarily set by your mind. Travel puts a reset on your mind that has been susceptible to the endless repetition of every day life. Only new experiences can influence your current state and traveling to unfamiliar territories heightens stimuli responses. Finding appreciation in other countries that you are visiting and not just the attributes that attract most travelers is essential in certifying an edge of creativity. For example, I really liked the way Israelis conducted business in Tel Aviv with a no B.S. straightforward attitude - I try to implement that with my own business. Going to different countries makes one get out of their own way and put this huge world in perspective by knowing what you do not know by questioning older beliefs. Traveling gives you a sense of trust in yourself and the ability to improvise through conflicts. The change of scenery is perfect for those stuck in a creative rut – Actors such as Woody Allen made travel (in his case walking into different rooms in his apartment) as a necessity to generating new content. Traveling gives you an overall open-mindedness and curiosity to the novel aspects of life that are often overlooked. If you are an artistic person – Count on traveling to get you to the next stage of development.

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Most artists wait to have everything in line to be able to create. Making with what you have is an inherent skill set that tests a person’s ambition to overcome obstacles to push towards a desired result. 

Resourcefulness builds character and puts you in a better position to bring about value when the chips are in place - it will seem effortless. Maybe without the necessary equipment an artist or musician will have to work twice as hard than individuals who possess necessary equipment but a true innovator does not get discouraged by this setback and will maintain enthusiasm for the project. They will reach the destination of their vision that is set in their minds and go about any means of securing it. Resourcefulness teaches one how to be innovate by using different combinations of scarce items and be more open to alternative approaches because they are forced to. Sometimes too many choices can be a negative thing. With less options - One has less distractions and makes sound decisions without being distracted by abundance. Resourcefulness shows people how to look into aspects deeper than one would generally overlook focusing on the intricacies embedded in the conditions and composites. In Short, resourcefulness trains the mind to become more resilient in the face of excuses :

"If there is a will there is a way"