This website was made in order to adhere to the innovative world we live in today and its unprecedented creativity. I primarily focus on music because that's my passion but I also incorporate lifestyle design methods based around new ways of thinking and authenticity. I have a certain nostalgia of what I consider to be great music and possess a strong belief in finding the best possible sound. This blog will show you ways to increase your creativity and contribute to distinct aspects of your life- it will also be a genuine source of self development tools to aid you in your creative journey. I want to stress the idea of resourcefulness and working with what you have to create the minimum viable product to get you started and proceed to make tweaks along the way. In other words, the "getting started now" concept is the hardest and most important part of trying to live a life of your design. I really wanted to communicate my passion to a huge audience and felt that blogging is the best way of doing this.  I see each blog as an island dispersing flares into the atmosphere trying to grab people's attention for a variety of reasons. However, sometimes people take more value than they give - I expect my readers to be cognizant of that and I hold my subscribers to the utmost respect and integrity.

The Story: My name is Carson Lee (Nickname: C.Lee has stuck with me since I was 9) I went to the University of Michigan and gained quite a bit of experience overseas in places like Dubai, Israel and Jordan. I have been blessed with two great opportunities working for Wu Tang’s label Wu Music Group as well as interning for Incubus’ Steve Rennie at Renman Music & Business. I recently got back from the Middle East and I wanted to make the move to change my life completely. I decided to open up a music production company out of college and had some amazing memories shooting promo videos (with the help of my business partner David Sowell) for top-tier rap artists, building a home studio from scratch and interacting with some of the top people in the music business. I hope to gain Italian citizenship this year De Jure Sanguine to trace back my family roots after they fatefully fled from Mussolini's rule.

Which Path? I was basically going down two different paths in life and I decided I could either find a job or create one: I chose the latter. I was initially pursuing international security and then I decided I really wanted to follow my true passions because I felt stuck in someone else's life. It drove me crazy that I was going to school for things that I didn’t even believe in and it drained me dry of the natural motivation I possessed, so here I am to tell you that it <b>WAS</b> worth it to go through the trials and tribulations because I then made the decision to trust my inner voice. Everyone has a calling and sometimes it may take a couple of big events for it to truly grab your attention. When the sorrow of not doing something surpasses the pain of doing something - you can be motivated to change significantly. Some people still think that I am crazy but I knew that if I passed up this opportunity I would regret it for the rest of my life and if entrepreneurship didn't work for me, I could always go to the corporate world with the skills I gained on the journey (or still need to learn).

E-Mails: I will be sending out emails regularly and am in the process of rewarding my subscribers with free material. I am certain this will be of value to you and/or your organization. I want to utilize authentic content and try to stay away from the traditional ways of thinking on here.

My Word: I believe that blogging is the best way to disseminate useful information on an effective level as long as it brings value to my readers. I will commit to writing two pieces a week of quality content that won’t spin your head around regarding a host of complex ideas or uninteresting material. From my experience, writing has a therapeutic function in the world and was a great tool for me while I was dealing with a host of hardships throughout my life. Even if you absolutely hate a piece of writing or a book -  I can guarantee that there is at least one piece of useful information to take away. Reading is like compound interest that grows your knowledge base the more you partake in the activity.

Replies: Commenting is a great way for me to give you constructive feedback that is not so convoluted in an email format for people whose inboxes are already full of excess junk.  I will be participating as I see fit in the comments and welcome constructive feedback/ discussion.

As the blog progresses there will be an archive of valuable content that users will be able to swift through as references for their own creative journeys. It gives users a way to navigate effectively in our technologically distracted world.  My goal is to have a ton of material for people to pick and choose content best related to their needs as they see fit.

Tell Your Own Story: I hope to inspire others to write their own blogs because I believe that everyone has a voice that should be heard (Well, some can be annoying). I will follow you and be supportive of your endeavors just contact me! I opened up my Wordpress account for free with a domain name and I can help you get started if need be. I will send notifications of new postings to read whenever you would like and I hope to accommodate to your busy schedules, so that you are able to capture the value of each post. It’s as simple as that.

Vito's House: I am supportive of a discussion as long as all parties are respectful. I even like the direct approach of communication - it shows a source of honesty that we often resent in our passive aggressive society. If you want to use your real name that's cool OR if you want to create a username that is fine too. This community should be like the Corleone family - In other words, don't be the Fredo of my blog.