No Distractions

Disruptions can be the sole difference from being successful and being unsuccessful. Unfortunately, lack of concentration and discipline is one of the greatest pitfalls for aspiring entrepreneurs. Here are some tips to help minimize distractions:

  1. Self Control - This application will block websites that can veer your attention away from a task. Aren’t sure which websites are messing up your concentration?"RescueTime gives you a detailed report of your daily computer activity, showing you which applications and websites receive the bulk of your computer time.”
  2. Put phone on airplane mode and put another room. Airplane mode will deflect any notifications via the web from being sent to your phone. Placing your phone in a different room eliminates the habit of reaching out and grabbing an arm length distanced phone. Out of site; out of mind.
  3. Clear desk or Workspace - Loose papers and other things can lead to distractions. Get rid of them and only have entities that are a necessity to your objectives. If you need multiple items – focus on one task at a time and the objects pertinent to the activity (swap out when finished).
  4. Compartmentalize - This is the concept of not working where you relax (vice versa). Designate a spot where you work every day – Don’t turn your entire apartment or house into a workplace
  5. Timer - This is a count down clock for the task at hand – designated time for a particular duty. You might be jouncing for your phone or social media notifications but a timer says, “Look we are going to dedicate this much time to complete the project, capiche?” Problem solved.
  6. Go Rouge - Write by hand and record thoughts with a tape recorder. This could be a final effort alternative for those who are completely distracted by technology.

*We all have our weak days and must overcome the temptation to procrastinate or become sidetracked with irrelevant things. Attention and concentration can be built stronger over time – Utilize technology to avoid distraction instead of inducing it!