Moving Home - The Millenial's Trap

Moving Home Kills Ambition for Millenials

*Note: Obviously it is not ideal for young adults to move back home except under extreme circumstances, this might be a viable option. I would urge everyone to focus on what is being sacrificed when moving back home with family.

Listen to 1:30-2:20 – This is the story of Sylvester Stallone in relation to the construction of Rocky. Stallone had to chase his dream creating this film without falling into the temptation of finding a regular job or taking the easy route.

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After I was done with my Master’s degree - I decided to move home to save money and pay off student loans. At first, I was seeing my paychecks grow exponentially and was able to afford more towards different ventures I was involved with. However, this did come at an unfortunate expense. Like most people, I got into the rut and it put me into a comfort zone where I lost all ambition based on the gaining revenue from the things that I loved. I got a considerable amount of work done but it felt like every day was the same with no excitement: I would wake up, spend most of my days reading and watching Youtube videos – Informing myself but never taking significant action. I was not pushing myself into working harder and there were no external pressures forcing me to either. When people put themselves into a situation where they have a vast amount of responsibilities such as paying bills and living independently by throwing themselves into a situation it forces them to be innovative. I think that this style of living builds resourcefulness, character and a good work ethic that can be applied to multiple forms of life. Millienials need outside real-world pressure in order to work harder and light some fire under their asses. Sometimes this will be in the form of downgrading their jobs to get started and moving up the ladder towards different opportunities. Moving out forced me to start my own company even though it took a little longer than planned - The lessons I learned from being on my own with no loans and just my hard earned cash made me a more independent entrepreneur. I would even urge to take no outside help from family or friends – Provide 100% for yourself ,so that it fortifies a sense of urgency to get moving on goals and accomplishments. I remember thinking that I was saving so much money but it was at the expense of negating other opportunities that presented themselves. Do you want to be the person who wakes up years later in their parent’s basement to save money or do you want to go out experience the world?