*Featured* How to Beta-Test Your Business Ideas on Fiverr

Fiverr provides a low risk environment in order to figure out what clients TRULY want and test BIG ideas. It was the best way for me to do this at a low cost and really work out the kinks of services I envisioned for a personal company. Fiverr is unique in a way because potential buyers take more chances rather than committing to a popular freelance site honing in on one particular service provider all the way through – This provides an informal setting to freelancing that is both affordable and flexible for buyers. From my experience, I obtained industry experience to display professional knowledge of the music business to instill certainty in potential clients and collaborators I work with. I didn’t want to be a pseudo-seller with a lot of promise and no execution - I sought to take on mentorship experience from top record labels in the music industry as an intern. I didn’t care that I wasn’t paid because the value I received was insurmountable and the fundamental visions were in solidarity with my own.

Testing Services through Fiverr

  • Scope Valuable Services: The hardest part of becoming an effective seller is trying to figure out what to sell that people would legitimately purchase in the first place. Sellers can look at Fiver member ratings and see what is popular getting a sense of what buyers envision as value. This is great because it furthers your niche in scheming a plan that has an authentic spin to it. Remember: You don’t have to be the most popular person but you can be the right person at the right time that can get the job done!
  • Fiverr Traffic and Exposure: Fiverr works like a start-up company where there are opportunities everywhere for sellers to display their talents to the world. FIverr is ranked very highly in terms of traffic globally in the top 350 most visited sites in the world as of the New Year 2017. In other words, if your services are on Fiverr people will with without a doubt be able find them. Now there is a Fiverr Community network across the world building real-life connections with other sellers and buyers.
  • Linked Social Media: Sellers have the ability to connect with social media and pre-existing networks of people integrating them into the almighty Fiverr municipal. This builds honesty, integrity and trust between Fiverr as a business and its sellers without a micromanaging atmosphere that sellers really do appreciate. Fiverr has to protect their interests while remaining diplomatic and sellers have to protect theirs – Faith between both factions is the most important element in an E-Commerce environment where customers have superiority reign. Fiverr is the perfect platform for this symbiosis.
  • Credibility: Sellers can use Fiverr testimonials to build credibility within their network and business. Since Fiverr is centered on a rating system to ensure quality, why not use the positive reviews to acquire credibility? It’s the reality and your sales skills will go through the roof in terms of interpersonal relations, customer service and being able to work with clients on a deeper level.
  • Confidence: Fiverr builds confidence in yourself that the product or service that is created has market value based on positive reception and accolades. It is difficult becoming established as a seller early on, but once you get a couple sales under your belt – the necessary feedback will come. If not, ask for it – However, be weary that asking could opt in the writing of a negative review by shaking the lion’s tail. If you would like to avoid this ask the people who already gave you reviews how you could improve and what they liked.
  • Negative Reviews: Napoleon Hill once said: “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” Negative views can ground you as a seller and come unexpectedly. How you react determines the public perception of the company, so respond positively publicly while mitigating a solution privately. Remember that some unrated reviews can be negative as well but they didn’t take the time or spared you in writing a bad review. I remember my first bad review – I was really disappointed as I spent 4 hours meeting the demands of a customer only to get a bad review. Now that I see it from their perspective I should have asked more questions and inquired to fully understand their objectives.
  • Anticipating Problems Before They Arise: We all have intuition for a reason and sometimes have the ability to sense when something is off. You have the ability to decline work with someone if they inquire your inbox. Anticipation will come with experience but if something seems off or questionable – I would trust your gut especially in terms of the high maintenance/low paying buyers or the non-collaborative ones that overwork buyers without remorse. Fiverr will help in cultivating skills to anticipate potential problems with buyers before submitting and can gauge your customer service skills through active listening. Remember that asking questions about orders shows clients that you care about their vision and want to produce the best possible experience for them.
  • Collaboration: Form a team and commend sellers on their awesome work. There are plenty of music reviewers and hip-hop artists that I messaged personally to ask them questions. Surprisingly, a majority of the time they are more than willing to help or work on a project together. Sellers can find other people with similar visions and aspirations – You don’t have to be some rogue seller grinding out on your own all the time. I personally have linked up with amazing sellers to execute great services and deliveries. For example, on the ghostwriting gig I offer - my writing skills are far superior to my singing skills. I have an amazing artist I met through Fiverr that does some of the deliveries when she has time for choruses/hooks. I go to buyer requests with my ghostwriting gig and find people who need hooks performed. If you want to do big things you are going to need a team of motivated individuals.
  • Sellers Can Dictate The Market Too: Fiverr is usually best for digital services or products - Sending items of tangible quality would be harder to find vested interest (or so we thought??). Don’t let the market discourage you from trying new approaches out – Maybe a seller creates a system of innovation that is not working NOW but will in the subsequent future. I believe that the Fiverr community can make this a platform for all services and it’s only a matter of time – TIMING is everything.
  • Pricing/Quoting Experience: One of the most difficult aspects to overcome is charging people for something you love to do. A seller can test different types of pricing in the Fiverr market and see how it matches up. Once you get over the hump of contemplating pricing on your inherent value – You need to realize that it is normal to feel that way and stand firmly behind your quote knowing that you are the perfect person for the job. Make sure that you scale this to the real world prices, which may fluctuate in your side business quite a bit. I set the Fiverr standard in terms of ghostwriting rap verses at 25$ because I was one of the first sellers with that service. I was categorically nervous about it but I knew that I was delivering a great service I was passionate about and not overreaching. Don’t back down and construct a low price threshold that you won’t accept in terms of negotiating. Starting off you will have to go lower price to build trust and credibility. After some testimonials and positive reviews you will morph into the ideal seller – As a bonus, provide a portfolio of work to display and show how your service is distinctive.
  • Keeping Fiverr: This is important in order to continue testing new and innovative ideas that come along with your entrepreneurial ventures. Fiverr is still growing/evolving and it will only be seen as an asset to a side business for the invaluable merits of feedback and potential money. On Fiverr, sellers can generate a great income while constructing a symbiotic relationship with their brand that is unmatched on any other site.


* “A special shout out to Beth Wiesendanger and Hannah Curran for the amazing opportunity. Fiverr is looking to put Detroit, MI on the map in terms of entrepreneurship and innovation. This is something I am extremely passionate about and am really appreciative that they want to bring pride and investment back into the forgotten American Motor City!”*