My Favorite Rap Producer - RZA's Words of Wisdom

Creation is an art form that does not entail validation – You can start constructing today in tune with what you consider an awesome invention. Don’t start off with the intention of selling ; Begin with the purpose of creating something of value like a great song or writing. Once you have a ton of constructions under your belt then you will have enthusiasts who are willing to purchase your materials. Musicians should begin by completing songs, so that there are backups in the arsenal for people to purchase or even for yourself to utilize for personal projects. This should be heavily deliberated because sometimes we have a connection to each creation on a deep level that we identify with. The important part is to keep creating every day ,so that you can prioritize which songs are for sale vs. which ones are keepers. In the beginning, it will be strange charging for something that you love and consider a hobby – Most creative professionals over come this when the need is resounding. Don’t lose sense of your worth through pricing but gain confidence in the ability to believe in how much your creativity costs. As you gain endorsements and credibility this will naturally progress in a positive manner. There is a defining moment where musicians and artists have hundreds upon thousands of concepts that they tinker with on a consistent basis. Some of them may never be used or sold but they are for cultivating a style or craft of utter competence and skill - You never know maybe you will use one of these components later on a related track. It’s hard to narrow down which songs to pick for an EP/LP when you have thousands of songs. It is wise to know which ones are for sale and which ones have potential for a personal album or project. You can have throwaway songs as well but just be able to somehow get a royalty deal if picked. If you sell it to them at a high cost a possible low royalty deal may be negotiated - Vice Versa. Maybe the buyer wants 100% of the rights to the song and NDA so they take credit – Most times it will work out this way in the hip-hop scene. It is best to not sign anything as a seller in the event that the song blows up and becomes popular. The buyer must protect interests by signing documents for 100% commercial rights. This is the reality of a cutthroat music business and we will talk later about how to monetize beats and make money selling them.