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"A special shout out to Beth Wiesendanger, Oren Hod, and Hannah Curran for the amazing opportunity. Fiverr is looking to put Detroit, MI on the map in terms of entrepreneurship and innovation. This is something I am extremely passionate about and am really appreciative that they want to bring pride and investment back into the forgotten American Motor City!” 


Carson, you are the most awesome person I’ve ever worked with! Major props, man, for an OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE. Your communication is par excellent and your “team player” spirit just blew me away. I look forward to working with you again VERY SOON with more gigs !
— Bob Warren - Producer
Excellent seller!! His writing skills are exceptional and his reviews of the music are extremely detailed and heartfelt. I can tell that he went beyond the extra mile to provide a thoughtful analysis of a project that I put a lot of love into. That means a lot to me! Thank you for your time, Carson. I will absolutely keep in touch
— Jake Didas - Entrepreneur/Musician
Loved the review and can’t stress how amazing the service is, he took time to get to know me, where I am from and what my music is about. Leecarso did his own background checks and I really didn’t expect the 5 star service I received. Its honest and worthwhile.
— Fesse Fiddy - Songwriter
Working with Carson has been a great learning experience.!! I highly recommend using Lee for music reviews and bios. I would gladly pay triple what current price is for Lee’s services. If you want to work with a top notch professional who will be honest with you and drop jewels, Lee is the one. Thanks again fam
— Hauterod - Musician/ A&R